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Bring On Bee - Bitchy Bee Episode 5

Director : Karan Mishra

Concept By : Sara khan

Cast : Sara Khan, Ayra Khan, Divya Makwana, Ruslan Sayed, Rohit Suryavanshi.

Sound & Music By : Kedar Panda

DOP : Abbas Shaikh

Assistant Director : Sunny Ranshevare

Editor : Ram Shankar Chaudhary, Ravi Khote

Artist Managed By : Slash Productions

Powered By : Biscoot Tv

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Here’s a short disclaimer about this web series that it is entirely fictional and any resemblance to real people is a mere coincidence. Also, we would like to notify that the stories featured on the channel are inspired by real-life events that took place around.

About the Show:
Join Sara Khan on her fun, but blunt adventures in this new fictional web series - Bitchy Bee. This web series revolves around a big town celeb and tells the story of how she gets involved in some pretty much wild encounters. Watch this space for more updates on our fresh episodes and other video releases. Don't forget to Subscribe and be sure to click the bell icon to get notified every time a video is posted.

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